Components in Jiffy allows user to save the frequently used Jiffy steps separately in repository so that those can be reused across tasks instead of writing the same steps again. These components can be used any number of times in any number of tasks.
Note: If the user wants to use the existing bundled component in a different release, then the configuration name of every individual node should be the same for both the releases.
For more details, click here.
Note: The component node accepts the inputs from the previous node.

  1. Designing a Task Using Component Nodes:
    1. Use an existing task or create a new task based on the requirement.
      Note: Refer Create A Task for more details on how to create a task and how to open an existing task.
    2. Drag and drop the Component node from the Objects -> SubTasks section and connect the nodes.

    3. Click on the Component node and specify the properties:

      • Name: Name of the node. A default name is displayed in this field, which the user can edit according to the task and the intent of using the node.
      • Description: A short note on the purpose of the node.
      • Component: The Component drop-down displays all the existing components (UI and bundled components) that are saved in the Repository. Select the required component from the Component drop-down.
      • If the selected component requires input data, make necessary mappings. For more details on mapping, click here.

      • Click on the Trial Run icon to execute the task.
      • Click on the Component node to view the eye icon.

      • Click on the eye icon to view the Component dialog box which displays the nodes that are used within that component.

      • Click on any one of the nodes to display the book icon.

      • Click on the book icon to display the Result of execution dialog.

      • Click on the following highlighted icon to navigate the task design screen which displays the node details that are used within the component.

        Note: The user can now view and make changes to the nodes that are nodes in the component.

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