7. Setting up Cluster in Jiffy

Cluster in General:

A cluster, in the context of servers, is a group of computers that relate to each other and operate closely to act as a single computer. Speedy local area networks enhance a cluster of computers’ abilities to operate at an exceptionally rapid pace.

Cluster in Jiffy:
Similarly, Cluster can be created in Jiffy and multiple machines in which bots are running can be grouped together in one cluster. With this, Jiffy enhances a cluster of machines abilities to operate at a exceptional rapid speed.
Main aim of introducing cluster in Jiffy is for load balancing. With this jiffy will optimize the use of resources available, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource. Instead of using a single component, load balancing takes advantage of multiple resources, by increasing the architecture availability and reliability.

How to use Cluster in Jiffy:
Once Cluster and Machines are defined at the Jiffy. Bot designer should identify the list of machines available for executing a task or list of tasks.

For e.g. if machines M1, M2 and M3 are grouped under a cluster C1 and when a Task with 30 iterations is being executed, each iteration will be assigned to a machine within the cluster ‘C1’. If the 18th iteration is taking longer to execute, very next iteration (19th) will be automatically assigned to the next freely available machine. This automatic flip over of assigning of jiffy task executions to different machines will be handled by cluster in Jiffy within the application and leading to better performance.

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