8. RPAaS

Enable users to run jiffy client without installing jiffy server by connecting to cloud server. In Latest version of Jiffy, services can be started without the Ip information. There will be 2 modes of Jiffy services(JSC).
- IP mode (IP & Port)
- RPAaS mode based on unique identifier

Before starting Jiffy service (JSC) , User needs to mention the mode in the start up command. If the Mode is not provided it will be defaulted to IP mode. If JSC starts with the mode RPAaS first time from the machine with the port number, a dialog box appears with below fields to be filled by the user - Jiffy Username
- Jiffy Password
- Machine name

After successful verification of user credentials, Machine will be created in jiffy with the machine name given by the user.

Machine details will have the created user details as well saved in the DB.

Auto creation of machine and cluster happens with the capability ALL.

If the Jsc is started with mode as “RPAaS” from the same machine and port and the machine creation has already happened then the Jsc starts without any window similar to the existing flow.

Email nodes, DB nodes and rest API nodes can be run at either cluster or server level. In earlier versions these node executions happen only at Server level. BOT Based feature is more beneficial when BOTS are running in RPASS mode.

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