1. What is Jiffy?

JiffyRPA is a next-generation RPA suite with end-to-end automation capabilities. It provides all the capabilities required to implement a continuous automation framework. With simple drag and drop, automate any manual activity carried out across desktop applications, web applications or mainframes. The process is further simplified with nodes that can ease interactions wtih excel, email, REST, web services etc.

Working on a unique blend of AI and OCR, Jiffy bots can extract information from different types of sources, thus simplifying the process of data capture.

  • Rule based process automation
    Automate any task on that is rule based and repetitive in nature across any application.

  • Cognitive process automation
    Self-learning bots that use a combination of machine learning and self-learning models to extract information from semi-structured data.

  • Scalable and low maintenance
    Extremely scalable and build for volume processing. Scalability at each step of automation.

  • Any technology, any application
    Automation across all applications, tools, and technologies.

Client Server architecture
Client Server Architecture Diagram:
Client Server Architecture

What is a bot
Bot is equivalent to a Full time employee. Once started on a machine, it can do any number of tasks assigned to it. Technically, it is the jiffy service which runs on any windows machine to manage all the executions at the client side. This will assist in executing the tasks involving User Interface (UI) applications like Web, any Desktops, SAP, Mainframe, Excel, Java, putty applications. Bot communicates with the core Jiffy Linux/Windows server over http/https protocols.

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