2. Jiffy Modules

Jiffy Core

The Core Jiffy engine enables UI, workflow or backend automation across a wide range of applications and also interacts with all the optional modules. The core module is designed for BOT designers to design and execute the tasks. The following are the major functionalities available in Core Jiffy:

  • Task design studio is for designing and trial execution of tasks.
  • Execution module for executing and scheduling of tasks.
  • Execution history provides the execution details that includes input, output, and screen capture of each step (node) in the task execution.
  • Repository to save and reuse all the reusable components to ease the task design.


Jiffy UI Learn

Jiffy UI learn is a desktop based application, used by BOT designers. It is used only for UI automation only. It recognises and familiarizes the controls in the UI application to be automated. These automated controls are stored in the Jiffy Core Repository enabling re-usability across multiple tasks.


Jiffy Data Interface

Jiffy Data Interface(JDI) is a user interface portal designed for operations users and can be used to perform the following:

  • Track the status of request processed by the bot and the pending queue
  • Provide additional inputs to robots
  • Confirm values extracted from unstructured data from across channels
  • Automate manual intervention
  • and enable the bots to learn from manual interventions


JDI Studio

JDI Studio is a designer application, used by Bot designers to design the JDI application with its relevant table and field structure as per the business requirements.

JDI Studio

Jiffy Admin Module

Jiffy Admin Module(JAM) is a user interface designed for Admin Users to execute various admin activities of Jiffy application. The below are the admin functionalities that can be performed using JAM:

  • Deployments
  • Start/Stop Jiffy
  • View the status of multiple Jiffy Processes
  • View Jiffy server details
  • View the memory usage across different modules of Jiffy
  • Jiffy Bot management
  • Dynamic bot allocation JAM

Secure Vault

This module is part of Jiffy Core itself, accessed by business users, designers, and the bots – with varying degree of access. It is an integrated security vault used for storing business sensitive data like credentials.

  • Prevents the need for sharing credentials and secure data.
  • Fully encrypted secure vault.
  • Maintains complete audit log.



An End to End Analytics - Data Storage Visualization tool designed for operations user with the below features:

  • Interactive Graphs
  • Visualization Components
  • Data Transformations
  • Real-Time Data Streaming
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Alerts and Notifications


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