3. Hello Jiffy

It is very easy to create a New task - Below are the steps that can be followed to create a task in a jiffy:

  • Click on Task Design -> Tasks
  • Select the Project -> Release under which the task need to be created
  • Click on Add task button
  • Provide the Task title and click on Save
  • Click on the “Steps” tab
  • You would see the design window
  • On the right you would see the Objects and Properties tabs. Objects contains the build-in nodes that are available to create any task. Properties help in configuring the nodes.
  • Drag and drop the required built-in nodes to create the task. Connect from the start node to the other nodes in the order of execution.
  • Set the properties or configurations for each node.
  • Provide Mapping if required by double-clicking on the connector between nodes.
  • Provide steps for the UI nodes by double-clicking on the node.
  • Click the Trial Run button to execute the task.

Below video demonstrates the process of creating a simple task with two nodes (CSV and web node) and mappings between these nodes. For eg: Take the input data from a CSV file and do actions in a web application.

Note: The controls on the web application was already familiarised using UILearn module,Please refer to “Application Automation” section for UI Learn related concepts.

When a user starts a jiffy service, an additional console window is displayed with the details of task execution and a button to stop the current run. It also indicates the port in which the bot is started.

  • Click the Show Full Log button to display the latest execution data.

  • Click the Clear Log button to clear the console data.

  • Click the Stop Current run button to stop the current execution.

The Stop Current run button stops only the execution of the current node.

Note: When the user clicks the Stop Current run button, but no task is getting executed at that instant then the following message is displayed:

“No execution is happening to terminate.”

If the task execution has an error, the status field displays Failed text and the respective error is also shown indicating the line in which the error occurred

Note: If the task execution is terminated from the Jiffy application, the user can also view that in the console window.

Warning: If the console is closed when the jiffy service is in operation, the jiffy service stops.

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