1. Concept of Project, Release & Environment

In Jiffy, automated tasks are managed in a hierarchical structure, a defined folder structure. It is Project -> Release -> Tasks.

‘Project’ can be user defined according to their requirements. For example, a JIFFY Project could be:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Admin

i.e All Finance related processes & tasks can be tracked under Project Finance, similarly HR and Admin.

Any number of releases can be created under one Project and any number of tasks can be created under each release. User with relevant roles are allowed to create/edit/delete Projects and Releases.

Refer: Projects for further details


In JiffyRPA, multiple environments can be configured for each release. With this approach, the task designed under one release can be executed across environments with different configurations in single click.

Refer: Environments for further details

User Access and Control Capability

JiffyRPA provides role based access.

Refer: Roles for further details

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