7. Introducing DataTables

What is a DataTable?

DataTable is a data structure enabling bot designers to handle two-dimensional data. A specific data table node is also available in Jiffy to handle iterations over each row of the data table. It can accept both one dimensional(list) and 2 dimensional(tables) data as input. It can iterate through the rows and gives the mapped column values as output. Each row represents an iteration. This data can be used in further nodes in the task.

Why DataTable?”

  • DataTable is mainly used to work with multiple 2 dimensional data (tables) within a single task.
  • Multiple tables can be combined into a single table and can be trasferred to further nodes.

How this works

User need to define the DataTable structure using Table Def available on the right-side panel above “Objects” and “Properties”. The column names and the data type for the column should be provided while defining the DataTable.

Once the table is defined, the user need to add variables for the table definitions, in the respective nodes. For example, if data need to be copied from excel, the excel command “Copy to Table” can be used to copy the data from excel to the DataTable. The DataTable variable can be passed to DataTable node and there by the data can be mapped to the subsequent nodes.

For example, if an excel with values from Column A to column F with 10 rows of values has to be entered into a website, the DataTable can be used to extract data from excel and enter into the website. Refer the example below:

Below video demonstrates the DataTable concept in Jiffy by copying data from Excel sheet to DataTable and by using the DataTable node to iterate data and pass the data to the subsequent node (here, Web node).

Email Attachment and File Explorer are the default tables that are stored in Jiffy. Here is a video showing how to use them in your task design.

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