4. Different Ways of Automation in Jiffy

Automation can be achieved in Jiffy in three ways:

  • UI Automation
  • DB based Automation
  • API or Services based Automation

UI Automation

JiffyRPA supports automation of any UI application, for instance, Web, Desktop, Java and so on:

  • Automate the application through UI actions
  • Learn UI pages in UI learn
  • Design tasks using UI nodes - Web, SAP, Java, Desktop, or Mainframe
  • Execution using Jiffy bots
  • During execution users can view the UI actions done by Bots
  • Screenshots capture

s DB based Automation

JiffyRPA provides buit-in nodes for accessing databases. Any Database can be accessed by providing the configuration:

  • Automate the application using DB SQL queries
  • Select, Insert, or Update statement

API or Services based automation

API or Service based automation can be achieved using the built-in nodes available:

  • REST based APIs
  • SOAP based services
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