1. Jiffy UI Automation

Automation of any application can be achieved by using the Jiffy UI automation framework. Jiffy UI automation framework allows user to automate User interface pages for any application (Web, Desktop, SAP, Mainframe, Java etc). Jiffy uses a two-phase approach

  • Familiarization of the application to be automated - Jiffy uses a desktop-based application named as UI Learn to familiarize the UI Controls. Once familiarized, the UI objects are saved in repository and can then be used in task design steps

  • Task design – Creating a task under Jiffy Core (Task Design – Task). This follows the same approach as any task creation in Jiffy

Why UILearn
UI Learn enables users to familiarize the UI objects of any application (web, desktop, Java, SAP etc). Jiffy is a server-based application, where all the UI objects familiarized can be saved in the Jiffy server. This allows reuse of the UI objects by multiple users during the task design phase.
Main differentiators of the UI Learn application are

  • Object familiarization is a one-time activity. As part of familiarization, Jiffy captures required information about the UI object and allows user to modify the properties. Saving these objects to server allows the users to use for respective automation scenarios. These familiarized controls are saved in Jiffy under Repository > UI controls. It can be accessed by all users with relevant access to design tasks, without familiarizing again and again

  • Less maintenance: UI familiarization does not follow script recording method and hence this approach reduces the maintenance effort of task with UI nodes and increases reusability. For eg: If a UI control, which is used in about 10 tasks, changes in its technical aspect, the only change required is to re-familiarize the element and save it back to the server. User do not have to re-write or modify the 10 tasks which uses this UI control.

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