9. SAP Automation

Jiffy UI automation framework allows user to automate user interface pages for any application. Consider a scenario of automating a SAPsite.

To start with SAP UI automation, the user must create an application in UI learn. UI Learn application is a desktop client that enables users to familiarize the UI objects of an application. Once familiarized, the UI objects are saved in repository (Repository > UI Controls) and can then be used in task design steps.

Familiarizing UI objects

  1. Double-click on the JiffyUILearn icon on the desktop.

  2. Login to UI Learn.

  3. Type the user credentials and click on the Login button.
  4. Select the Release and the click on the Proceed button.

  5. Click on the below highlighted icon in the UILearnActions dialog to create an application.

  6. Select the SAP option from the drop-down to display the Create SAP Application dialog.

  7. Specify the following details:

    • Application Name: Type the desired name of the application.
    • Application: The path of the SAP Logon application. This will be auto populated if the SAP Logon application is open.
    • Connection: The connection string of the SAP Logon application.
  8. Click on the OK button.

  9. If GUI scripting has been enabled properly on the client and the server, the HIT Switch button for familiarization will appear on the bottom-right corner of the UI Learn application.

  10. Click on the HIT Switch button and learn the UI elements by placing the mouse pointer on the required field.
    Note:The selected UI element will be highlighted the in Red colour and the respective control is displayed in the App(s) Under Test section.
  11. After the learning process is completed the controls are displayed under the application that is created and the properties of the control are displayed in the PropertyDetails section.

    Note: The user can edit the name of the controls and module by double clicking on the respective fields in the PropertyDetails section.
  12. After familiarization, stop the application by using the Start and Stop button.

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