5. Image with Anchor OCR

Image with Anchor OCR approach is mostly used in the below scenarios

  • Automation of Citrix based applications
  • When application can be accessed only via a remote desktop (Jiffy client cannot be installed on the system where the application is running)
  • When control-based automation is not able to fetch the properties to identify the control

Image with Anchor OCR can be used only on controls that have text on it. This approach is used to improve the accuracy of the control identification. By this approach Jiffy checks on the text available in the area selected for image. Due to this, there would not be any impact to the familiarized controls with changes in different screen resolution/Application window size/text zoom percentage etc.

Image automation can work on the following concepts

  • Anchor and Target: This is applicable in scenarios where the user needs to identify an anchor for the actual control to be captured. For eg: In a form where the user needs to enter text in couple of user entry fields based on the labels. Here the label would be the anchor and the user entry field would be the target.
  • Anchor only: This is applicable in scenarios where the user only requires an anchor and there is no target available. For eg: In Citrix based applications, where user need to click on a button which has a text. Here only the button need to be selected and this would act as both anchor and target.

How to familiarize

  • Follow the steps to create an app (How to create an App - Refer: UILearn How to Start -> How to Create an App)
  • In case the app is already created, click on the “Start Learn” icon
  • Once the application is loaded, click on the “Image familiarization” icon
  • The following window would be displayed

Image Dialog

Icon Functionality
ImageOCR Image with OCR – Used to capture the text element
PureImage Pure Image – Used to capture the image element
  • Click on the image with OCR icon. The following window will be displayed

Image OCR

  • Click on Anchor and select the area which need to be familiarized.
  • To clear the capture and start a new selection, click on “Clear Capture” button
  • All the text which could be identified from the area selected would be highlighted. User need to click on the text that need to be selected as Anchor. The selected text would be the anchor and can be seen in the box below Anchor.
  • Click on Target (if required) and select the area which need to be familiarized
  • Click on “End Capture” button
  • The control that is familiarized would be displayed in the tree structure under Module name
  • Select each of the control, to view the properties on the right-hand side and the screenshot of the familiarized component.

Below video demonstrates Image with Anchor OCR familiarization and the task design for the same.

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