4. UI Task Design

Task design using UI nodes are same as other Jiffy nodes.The UI node needs to be used here.

The following are the steps to be followed:

  • Create a new task in Jiffy
  • Navigate to the “Steps” tab. Click on the ‘UI’ tab in the “Objects” section on the right hand side of the page.
  • Drag and drop the UI node to the design screen.
  • Click on the UI node. Properties tab opens up on the right hand side of the page. ¬†Key in the desired name and description in the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ text boxes respectively.
  • Select the required configuration.The App name selected in the configuration has to be same as that is used in familiarisation.
  • Choose the Output Type. This can be used if user wants to pass any value captured in UI node to further nodes. Two options are avaialble, output variable/xml templates. Based on the type selected, user will get an option to add output variable/choose xml template.
  • Double click on the UI node. Edit UI screen comes up. Design the steps based on the UI actions to be performed in the application using UI elements which are already familiarized. In the first step, choose option Set Screen in the first tab and select the module name used for familiarisation in UI learn application. Second step onwards user will get all the UI elements familiarised. Based on the UI element, user can choose the actions to be performed. For example, if the UI element is a Button type, user get all corresponding actions in the next tab like Click, double click etc whereas if the UI element is a Text box type, user will get actions accordingly like Input, Gettext, Keyboard etc. Make sure the rdp is logged in and open to avoid any errors.

Other Options in UI Steps:

Apart from the UI elements and corresponding actions user gets the below additional options in the steps.

Note: This is applicable for all the UI nodes.

  • Set Variable: There is an option to set a varaible inside the UI node. The value to be set can either be a constant or another variable. If this variable is set as an output variable in the properties tab, it can be made available for other nodes as well.
  • Default Expressions: There are Jiffy provided python expressions for the commonly used functions. Eg: Concat, Capitalize, Add days etc)
  • Custom Expressions: Jiffy provides a feature to allow users to create custom Python expressions and use them in the UI nodes steps. The Custom Expressions need to be uploaded to Jiffy Repository Repository -> Custom Expressions. Once it is uploaded, it will be available in the drop down of Custom Expressions
  • While OR IF: User will be able to use While loop / IF condition inside the UI node. Click on the button at right corner of the UI steps to select While/IF.
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