3. Jiffy UI Learn Application

Jiffy UI Learn Application can be installed in a windows machine. Shortcut will be created on the desktop.

Steps to be followed to familiarize an application:

  • Enter Username and Password. Credentials are same as Jiffy Credentials. Use the user ID for which UI Learn configuration have been added (Refer: UI Tasks -> Configurations). Click the Log In button.
  • Select the process name from the process drop down and select Web/Windows from the mode drop down.
  • Click on Proceed. The Jiffy UI Learn application window will be opened

To start with the familiarization, follow the below steps:

  • Right click on the APP name to create a module (All the UI elements familiarized will be saved under this module)
  • Click on the newly created module
  • Click on ‘Load App For Test’ from Menu -> Jiffy -> UI Learn
  • Click on ‘Start Learn’ from Menu -> Jiffy -> UI Learn
  • To familiarize each field, mouse over the field and click. In case of IE browser, to familiarize user need to mouse over the field and use CTRL+Mouse click. Continue this for all the fields to be familiarized. User will be able to see the familiarised items getting added in left side window (Test Tree Tool window).
  • Click on ‘Stop Learn’ from Menu -> Jiffy -> UI Learn
  • Click on ‘Save Data To Server’ from Menu -> Jiffy -> UI Learn

Jiffy UI Learn Application screen comprises of 3 windows:

  • App(s) under Test Tree Tool window :This is a tree structure and comprises of all the app(s) arranged in alphabetical order. App(s)comprises of Modules, Modules contains familiarized elements
  • Jiffy Familiarization Web Browser window: It is used in Web Familiarization only. This window comprises of the Web browser during the familiarization process
  • Property Details Tool window
    • Once the elements are familiarized, this window will display all the properties captured by Jiffy for each element
    • Name and description of the elements can be edited
    • Screen shots of the elements are also available

Note: Familiarization of SAP Application using Hit switch - During SAP familiarization, user gets a option called Hit Switch at the bottom right corner, which need to be selected before starting with familiarization. Once the familiarization is completed, the same can be stopped.

+ Familiarization with Hit Switch:

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