2. Configuration

The following configurations needs to be completed to start with familiarization.

  1. Define the details of application to be familiarized in Jiffy. This needs to be defined in page ‘Jiffy base URL/mojo’, for eg. Only users with admin level access can define this in Jiffy.

2. Once the application details are added to mojo page, the same app needs to be added to user level configuration under Settings > User > UI learn configuration. This needs to be added to only those user ids which will be used for familiarization.

Go to C:/Python27 and check if the ChromeDriver version is the same as the Google chrome version you are currently using. In case it is not the same,download the ChromeDriver with the version that matches with the Google Chrome you are currently using. Rename it as chromedriver.exe and replace the old ChromeDriver in the C:/Python27 with the newly downloaded one.
Also, make sure that the language used in Chrome is English.

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