5. Execution History

History can be accessed directly from Task Execution -> Execution history. It will have the below execution details for each of the node for all the previous runs of the selected task.

  • Input data to the node
  • Output data generated from node
  • Input/output data for each iteration (when multiple iterations are present)
  • Screen shots captured (if any)
  • Details of validation – the expected result and actual result
  • Details of failure – in case of failed nodes
The below actions are available for each of the tasks in execution history
  • Re run : execute the same task again with same set of input data used in previous execution)
  • Restart : This allows the user to re-run an already executed task from a selected node. This avoids the need of rerunning the task always from the starting node. For example, the task execution failed at some step due to some connection issue in region, in this case, once the issue is fixed, use Restart button to re-run the task from the specific node. RESTART functionality will be available only from nodes which are succesfully executed.

    Do the following to raise a defect from the Create Defect window:
    1. Login to Jiffy.
    2. Click on the Task Execution drop-down.
    3. Click on the Execution History option.
    4. Click on any task ID with a failed status.

    5. Click on the failed node.
    6. Click on the Bug icon to display the Create Defect window.

    7. 7. Provide the necessary details and then click on the Save button.

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