2. Release, Environment And User Level Configurations

Jiffy provides a feature that allows the same tasks to be executed across multiple environments. Users can create multiple environments under a release. For executing the task under Task Execution, the task need to be assigned to an environment.

Jiffy allows users to define configurations at three levels:

  • Release Level
  • Environment Level
  • User Level

Release Level

Configurations can be updated in Release level at Task Design -> Configurations. Select the Release name and select ALL under Environment name column as given below.

Environment Level

Configurations can be updated in Environment level at Task Design -> Configurations. Select the Release name and Environment name and update configurations.

User Level

Some of the Jiffy nodes (not all) has this additional feature in properties tab where user can select the option to do execution using user level configuration. For Example, DB node has this feature.

If this is turned ON, during execution Jiffy use the user level configuration to execute  the DB node.

User level configurations are available in Settings -> User -> User Configuration. For each user, configurations are defined again at Release level. So when a task is being executed, if User level config is turned ON, Jiffy will pick the configurations from the corresponding release under user level.

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