1. Overview

A Configuration in Jiffy refers to the environment related details that are required to execute the task or to Connect to the specific application. This includes the connection details of all the applications which will be used during task execution. For instance:

  • Database Configuration
  • Desktop Application Configuration
  • DOCUBE Configuration
  • Document Configuration
  • Email Configuration
  • Excel Applicaton Configuration
  • File Transfer Configuration
  • Java Application Configuration
  • JMS Queue Configuration
  • Mainframe Application Configuration
  • PUTTY Application Configuration
  • REST API Configuration
  • SAP Configuration
  • Sterling Configuration
  • Web Application Configuration

Few configuration parameters are explained below:

Field Description
Configuration Name Name to be provided for the configuration. This should be used in the property section of the node.
Jiffy Service Host IP Address of the system where jiffy service is hosted
Jiffy Service Port Port No. where Jiffy service is hosted
App Select the application from drop down
Application Path Application path
IP-Automator Path Automator Path. Use - “C:\Program Files (x86)\IronPython 2.7\ipy.exe”
Base URL Applicable for Web Application configuration. URL of the web application to be automated
Browser Chrome, IE, Firefox. Browser to be used for launching the website

Excel Configuration

Document Configuration

Document configuration is used to add the PDF and Doc configurations.

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