4. Users

Jiffy users can be created and managed at Setting -> Users. Following are the functionalities allowed here:

Create User

Users with admin level access only can create new users. The following details needs to be provided to create a user.

Field Description
Username User ID
Password Password
First name First name
Last name Last name
Timezone User timezone. This is important as all the time information across different modules in Jiffy will be displayed based on the timezone set here for the logged in user.
Bugtracker user id It is the User Id of the JIRA or QC project. This is applicable only when Jira and QC are integrated. This will be the user id used to register new Jira tickets in Jira or QC.
Super User Access Defines whether the new user has super user access or not.
Admin Access Defines whether the new user has admin access or not. Admin has all the permissions by default. There is no need to add roles to a user with Admin access.
Active Defines whether the id is active/inactive.

Deactivate User

Select the user name and click on De-Activate button at the top. Users with admin level access only can deactivate another user.

  • Assign Roles to User

    • Once the users and Roles are created, admin can assign roles to users. Select the user to whom the roles need to be assigned. Goto ‘User Roles’ tab. Click on ‘Assign Role’.
    • The appropriate role need to selected from drop-down
    • Based on the role selected, the entities will be displayed in Entities drop-down. When a Role of entity type project is selected, Entities drop-down will display the list of Projects. Similarly for a role at release level, it will ask for all the list of Project -> Releases.
    • Select the entity to which the user need access.
  • Edit User details : A user with admin level access can edit user details from the first tab Overview

  • User Configurations : All user specific configurations can be viewed/edited in third tab User Configurations

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