2. Roles

Creation and Management of Roles can only be done by a user with Admin level access.

In Jiffy, the user accesses are controlled through the roles assigned for each user. Roles works as given below.

For each user action, there will be a pre-defined permission in Jiffy. For example, Add a Task, Update a task, Approve repository update, Add XML data to repository etc.

  • These permissions are categorized under three Entity Types – Project, Release, and Repository:

    • Project - All permissions at Project level
    • Release - All permissions at Release level
    • Repository - All permissions related to Repository
  • Admin users can create different Roles (Settings -> Roles -> Add Role ) by choosing required permissions to it. Roles are defined at Entity Level, i.e under one Role, permissions related to only one entity type can be added. In addition, multiple Roles can be created for each Entity type by choosing required permission for that role.

  • Roles can be assigned to the users, so that the user gets access as per the permissions added to the Role.

Note :

Admin user can edit the existing Roles which in turn will affect the permission levels of exiting users who are assigned with that role.

Refer: Roles & Permissions Matrix for the complete list of roles available

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